Rope lighting - Milk glass?

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Dear Members,


I'm looking for a way to change my rope lighting according to the picture below.

It is a alluminium profile of 42mm  with a milky finish so that you actually don't see a lot of glow.




I've been trying to achieve to same in chief architect x11 using the rope lighting. 

Where I've drawn the rope light '1mm underneath' the ceiling.

I have issues achieving a look without the glow (attached image), which is i think logical since i did not carve it into the ceiling.


I thought I would need some sort of milky finish, but this didn't give me the desired effect. (it is also not transparant).


What would be the best method in achieving this?










Ray Trace 1080p - Voorbeeld.jpg

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One picture showed the light spilling down the wall - you will obviously need a light to get that effect.

The other picture (without the light spilling down the wall) could be simulated with just a Molding Polyline with a high Emissive property. 

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