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  1. Sorry, I made a mistake in my last post. I mean physical based rendering instead of ray-tracing. You are right. Interessting, would be great if it gets there in x13. I am cured for AMD for a while.. Always a loyal customer to nvidia, tried the AMD card but came with a lot of driver and stability issues. Lots of People really happy with these cards who know what to modify, but I didnt had the time for that. Got back to nvidia and happy now. Regards, P.
  2. Hi, I would change nothing to the setup, I do think that the graphics card is an overkill. As far as my models go, my graphics card is only getting utilized during ray-traces and it is not getting stresssed at al. Cpu and Ram is most important.
  3. Thank you for your quick reply, this indeed helped me out. Everything looks fine now without buggy/weird walls.
  4. Okay... I think i've tried over 20 times, without any luck.. now i somehow managed to do it. Still curious what would be the correct way.
  5. Dear all, This is probably a simple question, but I cannot figure it out what should be the proper way. I would like to achieve as drawn below, but somehow my floor of the kitchen keeps on being raised so that the ceilings keep even; In the past this has been al old barn and the ceiling of the living room is put on top of the kitchen wall/ceiling. This explains the hight difference. Is there an easy trick? (I'm using CA X11) I've been checking tutorials which explain 'split-level' but this is not exactly what I would like to achieve.
  6. Thanks Folks! Much appreciated. This works I think. Have to fiddle some with the emissive but this looks like it works :).
  7. Dear Members, I'm looking for a way to change my rope lighting according to the picture below. It is a alluminium profile of 42mm with a milky finish so that you actually don't see a lot of glow. I've been trying to achieve to same in chief architect x11 using the rope lighting. Where I've drawn the rope light '1mm underneath' the ceiling. I have issues achieving a look without the glow (attached image), which is i think logical since i did not carve it into the ceiling. I thought I would need some sort of milky finish, but this
  8. Hello, In the meanwhile i've ordered the components and put the machine together. In the first place I had the AMD X 5700 Pulse graphics card, but somehow it seems like that Chief Architect x11 didn't work well with it. My older laptop with Nvidia graphics out performed the much faster new card in Physical Rendering. Therefore I exchanged the AMD graphics card with the Nvdia 2060 Super card and this works awesome. Raytraces are 10-20 times quicker with the new CPU :). Happy that I am back with Nvidia, but still curious if Chief i
  9. Hi Johnny, Thank you for your reply. I am thinking the same thing. Except that the standard cooling on the radeon 5700 is by reviews quite more noisy. Another card with other cooling is 40 euro's extra. But the 5700 appears to out perform the 2060 on higher settings. But this is al not that important. Noise is more important for me. I prefer having the AMD theme through out the pc too. Il go do some research regarding noice and maybe will add some custom cooler later. Thanks for your reply! Budget is indeed the current "bottleneck" and I have to make some ch
  10. Thank you for your replies so far! With some research, this will be the machine so far: Product Price Subtotal AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Boxed Processors € 335,- € 335,- Gigabyte X570 Aorus PRO Moederborden € 264,99 € 264,99 MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Ventus 6G OC Videokaarten € 360,50 € 360,50
  11. Hi Rene, thanks for your quick reply, good question, priorities are: Currently Chief Architect Premiere has the highest need of good hardware. I use Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing (Preferably 4k if possible) (Hardware acceleration by Nvidia really helped) I play games often on the playstation, but this is more because my current notebook is not sufficient anymore. Games would be nice though. I'm moving from a laptop to a desktop indeed, currently using the laptop as a workstation with triple screen setup and barely use it as a laptop. laptop will still be suffi
  12. Dear all, I'm new to the forums and i've tried to find my way in the already existing topics, such as - https://www.chiefarchitect.com/products/sysreq.html - https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/21934-hardware-recommendations/?tab=comments#comment-179153 I could not find an answer yet, hopefully some of you can help me out. I am currently struggling with Chief Architect Premier, ray traces are really slow at 1080P (1 pass takes like 15-30 min) Also working for in PBR is making my system really really slow and it is getting frustrating. My