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Maximize the speed of chief with some common sense.

I do a lot of work for other designers and I see quite an array of things come across my desk.  Some things just should not be on a plan if speed is a concern.  Sometimes the culprits are required because of the clients needs or a desire to have a really pretty picture of what a project will look like.  My comments are for people creating building plans for permit submission and actual use in the field to build a house.  I have listed what I call the toaster and blender effects of a plan.  This is what to avoid.

1.  The small and meaningless objects (toaster, blender, pictures on the wall, carpets, curtains, coat hooks).  The list goes on and on but I think you get the idea.

2.  Items with big face counts for no reason.  I had a client once send me a plan file with a toilet that had a face count of 32,000 (They are usually around 54).

3.  Unnecessary items.  Things like plants, overly complex terrains, furniture etc.  They may look interesting in a picture but the crew building the house does not need to see them.

4.  Pictures.  If you must use a picture (try not to), use a jpeg.  PDF files imported into a plan can bring your system to a stand still.


There are many more examples but hopefully, you get the idea.  I recently used a manufacturer download of cable rails.  My system was noticeably impacted.  I replaced it with the cable from CA and the problem went away.   As I stated before - This information is for people that need to move quick to complete plans.  If your focus is not in that direction then keep on importing these things into your plan.  It will work fine, just slightly slower.

I hope this is information is helpful.

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On 10/3/2019 at 1:32 PM, BillsburgChief said:

I use a lot of notes in my plans, usually created in Microsoft word.  Is there is way to save a word file to jpeg or maybe something else that wouldn't bog it sown so much?

Suggestion above is best, but if you cannot get the text to look or format the way you wish using the above Copy from MS paste to CA text box technique, you could do as you ask easily by using Windows Snipping Tool (name will be changing somewhat soon)... to take a screenshot of the text in MS and save the clip as a JPG.

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