Changing stile thickness and showing shelves in elevations


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Hi All,


These are most likely super basic but I am a new user.


1. I'm trying to change the stile thickness of my cabinets to 16mm and then save that as default but it always seems to be greyed out?


2. How can you show cabinet shelves and drawers perhaps as a dotted line behind doors on elevations?


3. I'm used to designing my cabinets around the face item sizes i.e the drawer fronts. Does anyone have any recommendations on how best to put in drawer front heights allowing for the separations (which is not a term I've used before). For example, assuming I'm doing an frameless cabinet with a 2mm reveal and have a 720mm high cabinet with a 300mm bottom front, 270mm middle front and 150mm top drawer front, how would you input that allowing for separations?


Thanks in advance.

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1-used "framed" and set your separation and reveal, It's a lot more flexible. There will still be a ghost line on the side of the cabinet as if the side separation was 19mm, PIA but nothing to be done about that. All other separations will be correct.

2-Not as easy-has to be done placing a CAD detail into the elvevation.

For shelves use a layerset that shows only what you need just cabinets and shelves, doors and all else hidden, have the cabinet layers show as dotted lines (OR convert the shelves to dotted lines later.) Take a CAD detail from view. Select that, copy, go to elevation "paste and hold postion" NOte thaqt the CAD detail is not live so if you make changes you have to do it all over. Good idea to have the CAD detail on a dedicated layer.

3- The heights will be equal to Opening plus overlays. I never remember exactly how Chief determines the overlay for drawers so when I  have to set this up I take an elevation and place dotted red cad lines at the heights I want the face items to fall. Then take my best guess assuming that overlay is always split equally, (separation minus reveal at top, half that elsewhere). then adjust the face until things line up. Once set make it the default and write is somewhere (I save a screen shot of the DBX as a stickie) for reference so changes can be made with simple addition/subtraction. Then if you're younger and smarter than me you can remember what/how CA decides overlay and let me know. Then we'll hope I remember :)))


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