The best way to build raised flower / planting beds


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On the current project modeling the as-built exterior, there are several raised planting beds, with different top of wall, elevations.  One on each side of the porch same height as the porch I built them with walls but had to build them on the foundation level, for them to show correctly on level one.  


I attempted to do the others the same way (using the wall type I created for the porch) but When they butt to the building walls, it causes the building walls to separate horizontally  and the only way to repair the gap is to pull the walls away.


So I deleted the set of lower raised beds built with walls, and used the straight terrain retaining wall tool (the one that lets the wall set on the terrain) in stead,  so I could draw each of the other two beds (one is 42" high, the one between it and the porch is only 32" high) and not affect the building walls or porch. This worked fine as they do not cause the building walls to separate, however; when I draw the 32" high retaining wall between the 42" high retaining wall on the left, and the Porch, on the right;  the wall height jumps up from 32" to match the 42" height of the other Raise bed on the left. 


The 32" high wall isn't affect by the Raised bed at the porch on the right, (I guess because I didn't draw the porch flower bed with retaining walls).


What is the best way to model raise beds that have differing top of wall heights and yet connect to each other?   I have done the search for raised beds, terrain features etc. 

Porch and planters.png

Built with walls.png

Retaining wall jumps up..png

Built with retaining walls.png

Orphanos Foundation Renovations option

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5 minutes ago, Renerabbitt said:

I actually don't follow what the issue mightve been in the first method, can you illustrate it with a plan?

Issue in the first method is using a wall type (I set up as a 8" planter wall of brick to match building) caused a gap in the floor of the building.  I already moved past that by using Retaining walls.


33 minutes ago, Renerabbitt said:

Also you don't need to zip your .plan if it is all you are including in an attachment

Rene, when I attempted to post the plan without zipping the message was the file was too large, instead of figuring out what to turn off etc., I just zipped it.

22 minutes ago, javatom said:

I would use polyline solids for those planters.

JT- I tried your suggestion and it worked fine!!! 

Flower Beds Fixed.png

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