Turn off double Window Labels?


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I turned on "show in schedule" for windows in an older plan that I pulled into X11.  I was surprised to find that two labels showed for each window!  You can only select the one closest to the actual window, but the second label moves in sync with the first one.  I opened a new plan, and it doesn't have this issue, so it must be something with this legacy plan.  Does anyone know how to "turn off" the second label?  I tried deleting the window schedule and also turning the "show in schedule" off and on again, closing and re-opening Chief.  These double labels also show in the elevation.  Any ideas on how to have only one label show?


Not as critical, but when trying to figure this out, I pulled up another legacy plan to see if I'd get double labels, but on that one, I got no labels, even though everything was turned on to show them. 

2019 05 01 Double Window Labels.JPG

2019 05 01 Double Window Label 02.JPG

2019 05 01 No Window Labels.JPG

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Thanks - that solved it!  As you can tell, I don't use schedules very often.  I found the second one in a CAD detail.  My instinctive attempt to find it was to right-click on the window label and hope there was some command to open the associated schedule - there wasn't, but I think that would be a great place to put a link to the schedule since it already had commands like "move up in schedule."  Another attempt was to look in the Project Browser window and hope there was a folder specifically for Schedules (since we have Material lists, wall details, etc) to pop it up that way - and there wasn't, but that seems another logical place to have a link.  And last but not least, I opened the window spec dbx and wondered if there would be a link there, but no.  I could see having a link in the General tab, right near the "include in schedule" check box that would be "Open Schedule."  Or in the event that there is more than one, like this case, it would show links to both, so the user can quickly realize the issue and then delete one of them.

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