Can't Get Deck Railing To Offset Against Rim Joist


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I'm modelling my son's as-built home. The deck railing is approx. 4 inches in from the rim joist. But when I construct the deck, the posts and railing are flush to the rim joist, as shown in the attachment.


Is there a simple adjustment I'm missing to correct?


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you can probably do it with a custom rail/wall type with an added layer on the outside defined as the main layer ....


GlenWW showed this a few months back when I wanted Posts mounted to the deck Rim/fascia , so you'd be doing the opposite ,forcing the posts in not out.




Not sure why CA insists on posts sitting on / flush to the Rim joist , they are never built this way...... 

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Thanks, Mick, for the prompt response. I'm not at all sure how to define the custom rail/wall type as you suggested. But I did make an attempt.


I've attached images of the  wall type dbx, the first one unchanged, and the second one with an additional 4 inch outside layer. But the result is nothing like I require. (as seen in the third image).


I'd greatly appreciate it if you could provide me with the suggested changes shown in a dbx.


Thanks in advance.




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Thanks so much for the input. After MUCH fiddling around, I finally managed to convert the railing to a custom wall type, and added the 3 inch outer layer.


It worked everywhere except one inside corner, where there's a break in the two adjoining wall pieces. I've tried every manipulation I know, but can't get the walls to join, as shown in the screenshot.


I've also included my plan, hoping someone can give me a "quick fix" :)


Mark's Sept 22 w_ lower

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As they say, persistence pays off. Finally found the problem with the break in the railing walls. When I temporarily deleted the two walls in question, I noticed that, hiding below exactly at that intersection, was a remnant of a not-fully deleted room divider. Deleted it and, bingo, all's good again.


Thanks again for the input.

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