X5 Catalogs wanted


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Does anyone have catalogs - manufacturer catalogs, extra catalogs other than the standard ones that came with the program.


I reinstalled my X5 and I didn't save my catalogs - if anyone has catalogs and is willing to share the files.. please contact me


thank you

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I will delete the .zip file (which is a huge file) and upload individual library files that you can download, one at a time. That should make it easier on your internet connection. The "User File" library is over 2 GB but all the others are a lot smaller. They are still uploading as I write (6:02 PM CST)



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Thank you David for your time.. I appreciate it very much.


if it is easier maybe you could throw it on a thumb drive.. I can E-transfer you the funds for it.. or if it is better to download them and email them to me that is amazing.  

so just so you don't send stuff I can't use.. and take too much of your time.. 

looking for appliances, cabinets, accessories like rev-a-shelf and others, paint, woods, mouldings.  

I am in the cabinet business so anything relevant to that.


thanks again.. :).  my email addresss is uberdesigncabinets@gmail.com

phone is 604 862 4782




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Hi Dave..


Question.. the Rev-a-Shelf catalog for Chief Architect.. do you have it?  I tried to contact them but they don't have the actual catalog.


if it is possible.. could you email it to me?  


I appreciate it very much.





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