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  1. Hello.. i am wondering if anyone out there has catalogs like manufacture catalogs and so on.. especially the cabinet manufacture catalogs, materials, appliances. lighting and so on. if anyone has the files .. i would appreciate it.. thanks so much.
  2. Is there a link or links where I can download them one by one?
  3. Hi Dave.. Question.. the Rev-a-Shelf catalog for Chief Architect.. do you have it? I tried to contact them but they don't have the actual catalog. if it is possible.. could you email it to me? I appreciate it very much. Sincerely. G.Scott
  4. Thank you David for your time.. I appreciate it very much. if it is easier maybe you could throw it on a thumb drive.. I can E-transfer you the funds for it.. or if it is better to download them and email them to me that is amazing. so just so you don't send stuff I can't use.. and take too much of your time.. looking for appliances, cabinets, accessories like rev-a-shelf and others, paint, woods, mouldings. I am in the cabinet business so anything relevant to that. thanks again.. :). my email addresss is phone is 604 862 4782 sincerely Greg
  5. thank you.. very kind. appreciated very much
  6. im trying to download it again.. lets see what happens
  7. Hi David.. would you have any cabinet catalogs and appliance manufacturer catalogs and other manufacturer ones? thanks again so much.
  8. The zip file is not compressing for some reason.. is it just a back up of the files in the other folder? it is downloading now.. can't wait to play.
  9. Thank you David. I am downloading them now. I appreciate it very much.
  10. hello.. would anyone have additional X5 catalogs of manufacturers and non-manufacturers? I need lighting, tile, flooring, cabinets, cabinet door styles, appliances, countertops like Caesar Stone etc. and so on. if someone could please help me I would appreciate it immensely. Sincerely Greg
  11. Does anyone have catalogs - manufacturer catalogs, extra catalogs other than the standard ones that came with the program. I reinstalled my X5 and I didn't save my catalogs - if anyone has catalogs and is willing to share the files.. please contact me thank you