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Does anyone do grid lines out there? I am trying to get a set of grid lines to show on every floor, without having to copy and past them onto each floor? By grid lines, I mean the architectural drawing style ones that show up on more complicated plan sets where you need to coordinate load bearing walls and point loads between various floors/foundation... not the gird pattern that comes with CA.



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6 hours ago, Joe_Carrick said:

There are just 2 solutions that I know of.

  1. Group Copy then go to each floor and Paste in Place
  2. Use a Reference Plan that shows just the Grids. 

You will need X11 to use #2


3. Use cameras displayed on all floors (probably As Callouts on Both Sides).  They're not too good for snapping to though. If you have X11, I think #2 is the best option though for sure.

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