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  1. I seem to have a re-occurring issue with my 3D perspectives on my construction sets. I send a few perspectives of my projects to a layout file on every project. And right before I print a final set I re-fresh all to make sure elevations and perspectives are up to date. Then a double check before printing, and I find this happens all the time to my perspectives (attached pic) I will re-fresh, re-open, save the camera, re-fresh again and sometimes that works, but other times it wont. In the end I usually delete the camera from my layout page, and re-load a completely new one. Sometimes I don't even get the building, I just get the shadows... What is going on? CA-3dperspective.psd
  2. Is their a way to create a material region on a ceiling? I have a cathedral ceiling that I'd like to put an accent finish on, a strip of steel panels.... I can manually draw it into my roof plans, etc. But I'd like it to render correctly in my 3d views as well. Any suggestions? Thanks all, Jennifer
  3. I should know that... but forgot about that setting in preferences. Hasn't worked since I switched from x10 to 11, just been putting up with it since then. Thank you for pointing out the simple solution. Very much appreciate the support on this ChiefTalk group.
  4. Another question, I can't figure out why this polyline hatch on my floor plan isn't scaling property. I have the hatch fill LW set to 0 and edited that polyline layer to have a line weight of 0. But with all my changes and adjustments it still prints dark. I checked my advanced line weight setting in the print dialogue to make sure it not set to "use 1 for all line weights setting." What am I missing? I'm sure it's simple. I've attached a pdf of my floor plan (in the CA layout file you can see top hatch has a light grey colour which is what I'd like the print to look like) Then a pdf of the printed layout, sent to PDF using the chief send to PDF setting, 600dpi. Thanks
  5. Perfect, this is the simpler way to do it Robdyck, thanks. Interesting about the Rich text vs simple text Richard, I create everything in Rich text (that just how I set up my standards) but now I'll have to brush back up on the general text dialogue, probably does what I expect the Rich text to do....
  6. I am wondering if Chief Architect has a way to change already created leader lines, text and annotations from 1/4" scale to 1/8" scale? For example, I have an exterior elevation of my building. I create all the leaders/text in my 1/4" annotation set (lots of information on one elevation). Then I send that to layout and realize it will only fit at 1/8" scale (yes, I realize I can add another page and have everything at 1/4" scale) BUT in this scenario, I want to quickly change all the work I've done from my 1/4" annoset to my 1/8" annoset... in CAD this is very simple and only requires a bit of re-adjusting of the annotation locations, but in CA I haven't found a way to do it? If I change the text size, then the leader lines are all still at the old scale, and if I take the time to manually adjust both, by the end they have disconnected an it's a total waste of time. I end up re-writing all the annotations in the new scale and essentially have two sets of the same annotations, one turned on and the other turned off. Double the work. Probably an easier way? Thanks! Jenn
  7. I just ran a test on my recent project, it's an 11 page 24x36 sheet set. 7 colour perspectives (live views), all the rest (perspectives and elevations) are plotted lines. Using the chief pdf printer, printing at 600dpi, black and white I got a 63MB file. I then tried at 144 dpi, reduce it through Acrobat after printing (barely made a dent) and it came out at 15MB. This seems like a standard on my projects, which makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong that increases file size? I use my google drive and drop box account for large files, but not being able to e-mail out a sets to trades, etc who might not have a great connection (we live in a rural area & trades have trouble with handling large files on their own computers) is definitely a setback. But I guess maybe that's not my problem?
  8. Yep, agree that quality is still very important, so using a third party pdf optimizer is a good work around for now. Anyone other good pdf optimizer third party suggestion? Would purchasing Acrobat professional help with file size reduction as well as being a good second PDF printing option?
  9. Price reduced to $1,700. Full X11 premier license
  10. I have a project that is creating HUGE pdf file sizes when it's printed. I can print at 72 DPI and get a barely acceptable quality out of my pdf'd document set, but in general it leaves a lot to be desired, even compared to printing a set at even a low 144 DPI. Any work arounds on this? I'd like to wow clients with the great perspectives and details on projects. But in the end I always print at super low DPI for ease of e-mailing and printing the sets, at 72 DPI the perspectives look really crappy when they are printed. Thanks, Jenn
  11. I have the product key and will cover the transfer fee. Just double checked with CA and the SSA doesn't transfer with the sale unfortunately.
  12. Selling one of my Chief Architect Pro licenses. Bought as X10, upgraded to X11 last year. SSA expires in March, but maybe the SSA is not transferable? Still love my Chief Architect program, but I don't need the two licenses anymore. Hopefully someone else can make use of this great program license! Thanks, Jennifer