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Text and Rich Text can't currently be saved to the Library without first creating a CAD Block.  That causes some problems when the text contains an evaluated macro.  Basically, the block has to be "unblocked" after placement before it can recognize the context in order for the macro to work correctly.


The solution to this is to have a CAD Detail in your Template/Plan that has the Text and Rich Text annotations.  I use this as a sort of "Warehouse" for commonly used notes, titles, etc.  I can simply select one of the items in this CAD Detail, copy and then place anyplace you need to have that annotation. 



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One place where I use this extensively is with a custom Rich Text Block for my Room Labels.  Everything in that RTB is a macro accessing the Room attributes.  Some of those macros are Chief supplied and some of them are my own custom macros.


When I put that RTB in a Room it picks up all the information and displays it.  I can even place it outside a room with an arrow to pick up the data.

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