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I'm using Home Designer Pro 2018 build I'm a novice at using the software. I bought it a while ago and set it aside for a long time, now I'm back to working out a basement remodel.


1. Is there a way for me to create 3d ortho/perspective framing views that only show one floor, like a doll house view? For example, I'm working with a split-level home plan, and I want to show only the basement in a perspective framing overview. Is it possible?


2. I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to create an elevation view that shows the framing. For example, I want to create/print the framing elevation(s) and annotate with CAD tools to show where I will run conduit etc. so as to provide the printouts for permitting. What camera view am I supposed to start with? Hints on where to start are appreciated, I don't expect a full walkthrough on the topic.


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yes, play with the camera options


there is a "dollhouse" view - I don't remember the way they name the camera but its there


you should explore them all anyways


there should be a framing view also


these views are in Chief Premier and from memory I believe they are in HD PRO also


this forum is mainly for Chief Premier users and there is the Hometalk forum for HD users


however, since HD PRO has many of the manual tools that Chief Premier has you can benefit

from following this forum also


just remember that not everything mentioned here is available in PRO



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These instructions will be for Premier and I am not sure if Designer Pro has the same options.  You will get better program specific answers on the HD forum if you post there.


1. Create a Perspective Floor Overview or Orthographic Floor Overview and then Switch to your 3D Framing Layer Set and go to 3D > View Direction > Top View.


2.  You are most likely looking for a Wall Detail.

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