CMD Click to Pan - Doesn't work on X11


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Hi Everyone, 


Not sure if this is a function you use regularly however, it is something I make regular use of when working on my laptop to pan around my plans (when I need to use my trackpad)

On previous versions you could hold down CMD and left click to pan around the screen. X11 no longer has this function, and the custom hotkey tool won't allow me to re-create it..

Has anyone else encountered this?

If possible, it would be great if the Dev. team could fix this via an update.


- Jonathan

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Chief Architect Dev Team,


Please put back the command key pan feature, or possible make it be an assignable key.  I am now constantly pushing the command key and then selecting a bunch of stuff on the screen.  Then I try to fix whatever I messed up.   Maybe there is a good reason for this change, but if possible please help an old dog that isn't good at learning new tricks!!   


Thanks in advance!

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