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  1. Chief Architect Dev Team, Please put back the command key pan feature, or possible make it be an assignable key. I am now constantly pushing the command key and then selecting a bunch of stuff on the screen. Then I try to fix whatever I messed up. Maybe there is a good reason for this change, but if possible please help an old dog that isn't good at learning new tricks!! Thanks in advance!

  2. I would like to offer my services to your company.  I have been using Chief Architect since 2005. I have an Associates Degree in Drafting & Design (1993),  also have worked under Architect. I work with contractors and other CA designers across the USA to assist them with their CA plan and creating Construction Documents at a reasonable price and a quick turn around. I have Chief Architect x7, X8. If I can be of service, feel free to give me a call!

    Dan Sullins, Residential Designer
    Dream Home Designs Inc.
    1709 Park Blvd., Marion, VA 24354
    (276) 783-8333

    Check us out on the Web:  www.dreamhomedesignsinc.com

  3. Hello Chief Community, I am in search of a talented individual or company that can take my ideas from rough form to complete prints ready to build. I have Chief and want the ability to draw a rough floor plan and some elevation information and then send that file or printout to you and have you turn it into a set of plans that I can build from. I am in Arizona and everything that we do is stuccoed and has 'rolled/wrapped eaves' that is important. I also need to make sure that the individual has a strong understanding of IRC 2012. I am located in a municipality that has some very speci