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  1. Chief Architect Dev Team, Please put back the command key pan feature, or possible make it be an assignable key. I am now constantly pushing the command key and then selecting a bunch of stuff on the screen. Then I try to fix whatever I messed up. Maybe there is a good reason for this change, but if possible please help an old dog that isn't good at learning new tricks!! Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello Chief Community, I am in search of a talented individual or company that can take my ideas from rough form to complete prints ready to build. I have Chief and want the ability to draw a rough floor plan and some elevation information and then send that file or printout to you and have you turn it into a set of plans that I can build from. I am in Arizona and everything that we do is stuccoed and has 'rolled/wrapped eaves' that is important. I also need to make sure that the individual has a strong understanding of IRC 2012. I am located in a municipality that has some very specific wants and I am in need of a drafter / designer that can learn those wants and needs and help me create my plans. I am a general contractor and would like to have the chief files once they are created to be able to create 3D renderings of the houses and also to create walkthroughs. If this is something that you are well qualified to do than please reach out to me. Waylon Gates