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We have been using the Chief Blueprint font for some time, we noticed a few months ago that the font no longer would center in the text box. Not sure what has happened but this never used to be an issue. It makes it frustrating if you are trying to keep the text box centered with another object. I have played a little with the margins but cannot seem to get it perfect. I have tried other fonts and they are centered in the text box. I feel that this is a font issue? I attached pictures of how the text is placed in the text box and pictures of the text specifications dialog box tabs. Any thought would be great. Thanks

Text 5.JPG

Text 4.JPG

Text 3.JPG

Text 2.JPG

Text 1.JPG

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I assume you are talking about the vertical centering.

I don't know why that happens, but you can fix it with the margins.

You can enter negative numbers for the margins to get it exactly as you want.

Probably worth a bug report or at least ask Chief why it happens that way.

I suspect it may be that the centering is correct if you use lower case letters instead of uppercase because Chief is accounting for descenders and ascenders - which aren't used for uppercase.

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