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  1. verticalworks

    Q: (Window) How to do a sheetrock return....

    Thanks Chopsaw, got it
  2. verticalworks

    Q: (Window) How to do a sheetrock return....

    Chopsaw, what am I missing? It works but how do I get the sill on the inside of the home?
  3. verticalworks

    Window Sills - Height & Depth

    On a window sill, how can I raise the sill height? It should sit on the sill of the window R.O. sill and go back to touch the window. It drops it down in front 3/4". See attached picture with drywall returns. Any ideas?
  4. verticalworks

    Drywall / Sheetrock Window Returns

    Love it! So my next question is how would I raise the sill to cover the drywall return?
  5. verticalworks

    Layout Page Table-too many pages

    Ya, maybe laying setting things on different drawing groups with white boxes? Seems unnecessary for what seems to be a simple problem.
  6. verticalworks

    Layout Page Table-too many pages

    We have limited space on our layout page and more pages than can fit. I cannot seem to find a way to do columns. The only option is to shrink the font but that will not be an option as the city requires a minimum font size. All I can come up with is to do a manual text box. This seems like there should be an easy solution to this as I know plan sets that are 60-80 pages and you would need multiple columns to show all the pages. Thought?
  7. verticalworks

    Mulling off-set windows

    The 3D Molding Polyline did the trick, thanks!
  8. verticalworks

    Mulling off-set windows

    I have a window arrangement that has a space between them and would like to get the inside to look good with the casing so I can render it. Of course I can mull the trapezoid and one casement but cannot add the other due to the distance. Is there a work around for this?
  9. verticalworks

    Cut wall on angle above roof line

    I am looking to do some parapet walls but need them to cut on an angle about 12" above the roof line. How can I achieve this?
  10. verticalworks

    Eave overhang flattens out

    I am looking to do a square overhang but the program is flattening out the eave portion of the overhang. What factor is controlling this?
  11. verticalworks

    Railing panel fill is offset of railing

    Figured it out, the ceiling height on the upper balcony was 36" tall and that was pushing the panels down.
  12. verticalworks

    Railing panel fill is offset of railing

    If this helps, when I select follow terrain, it lines the panels back up. Something with the terrain looks like it is controlling this.
  13. Using X11, changed a wall to railing, using cable panels and the program is placing the cables not in the railing (see picture preview). Tried different types of panels, same thing happens, drew different wall type, same problem. I assume there is a setting somewhere?
  14. verticalworks

    Font "Chief Blueprint"

    We have been using the Chief Blueprint font for some time, we noticed a few months ago that the font no longer would center in the text box. Not sure what has happened but this never used to be an issue. It makes it frustrating if you are trying to keep the text box centered with another object. I have played a little with the margins but cannot seem to get it perfect. I have tried other fonts and they are centered in the text box. I feel that this is a font issue? I attached pictures of how the text is placed in the text box and pictures of the text specifications dialog box tabs. Any thought would be great. Thanks
  15. verticalworks

    Drawer Dishwasher

    Hello, any help on a 24" drawer dishwasher for a cabinet?