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    • By Acclaim_Reno
      Hello folks,
      I am trying to draw my first ADA bathroom as I follow some specs I found online. Where can I get a CAD block to help simplify the plan? 
      The client wants a counter top for which I have specs BUT I can't get a sink to set in the top. Of course, I will have grab bar details, toilet spacing details, wheelchair access details, etc.
      The room is 86" x 64" with a recess at the end of the 64" wall of 35" deep x 48" wide which is where the counter top/sink will be placed.
      Is there any additional information I can offer you to help solve my problem?
      Green new plan.plan
    • By KTKArch
      Found a lot of nice points about roll-in shower drains in a few threads. Still looking for how to draw the pan itself in Chief. So that the structure and floor slopes are all in place too. Since the default shower pans in the libraries all have 2" thresholds one cannot just drop it in and place it 2" below the floor level. So what are your solutions? And is there a symbol out there I'm missing? 
    • By Oldmanwheeler
      I am new to Chief Architect and I have a few questions I'm hoping you can answer for me:
      1)  I have a home design I drew up in a MAC program and would like to transfer it to Home Designer or at least import an image of the floor plan to assist redrawing it in Home Designer.
      2) The construction method we have selected is SIPs Panels so I was wondering if there is a way to design a house in Home Designer using SIPs Panels.
      3) I am in a wheelchair so I am design a fully accessible, barrier free home. I found one catalog with accessible products in it.  Are there any other catalogs you would recommend that also have accessible products in them.
      4) Finally, since the house will be fully accessible I will need to have zero entry exits at all entrances to the house.  This will require a lot that slops so that the front of the main level and the back of the lower level are both at ground level.  Any suggestions on how to do this?
      I'm sure I'll have many more questions as I learn the program and I appreciate everyones help.