Write the Master List file fails on close


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I have been getting this error for quite a while now and I would really love to fix it. Always - when I close Chief I get this error message > Attempting to write the Master List file. Unable to write to the directory "B:\Documents\Chief Architect Premier x10 Data\". The file cannot be saved.< Clearly that location was created when I set up Chief at some point. The current path is actually "B:\Documents\Chief x10\". I have looked all through the registry and all of Chief's file paths and can't find anything that looks like the path in the error.


Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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corrected the actual path. Poor copy and paste job on my part.
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16 minutes ago, rlackore said:

Are you saying that the path you have in this setting is a valid file path, but Chief is giving an error?

Thanks for your answer. I checked my Preferences and fixed it per your info. Not an issue any more.

I re-read my original post just now and saw that I had not corrected the actual path from pasting in the original path. I have edited that post for the benefit of others going forward.

All is good now with both my B: drive and chief. Thanks again for you help.

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