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  1. Thanks everyone. "Convert to Symbol" worked perfectly. Most of my work lately has been industrial design so not much use for Chief. Thus, I'm still on X-10. I seem to be getting more architectural clients now so will be upgrading when I build the new computer. VERY hard to get video cards at the moment.
  2. Seems a great idea... How do I "convert it to a door symbol"?
  3. I need a gate in the railing on this deck. I've placed a doorway as in the picture but it does not look like the railing. Any ideas on how to have this look correct?
  4. I do, but if I uncheck that the rail disappears from section 2. It seems that no railing at wall is working for section 2 but not section 1.
  5. Chief Premier x10 - I am trying to eliminate the handrail shown in the image. I can't seem to do this through the Railing section of the stair dialog box. Any thoughts?
  6. Exactly... I spent nearly an hour redoing the modifications after regenerating the deck so the renders looked good. A real PITA. And somehow there is always a change that DOB wants documented.
  7. That did it... now I need to re-modify that framing to match the design. Oh well... it is always something. Thanks glennw.
  8. I have 3 decks on a project with Alder assigned as the deck plank material. I need to change this to a custom material. I change in the room specification and bot the material tab and the structure tab show deck planks to be the new material, the old material still shows in camera views. When I changed the tread material to the custom material on the 2 exterior stairs to those decks, it shows perfectly. Thoughts anyone
  9. You are right... I just downloaded the x11 trial and that plan works perfectly in there. It would seem that is a reason to upgrade. Do you know if there is any improvement in handling large image files in layout view? We need to include flood maps on a lot of our file drawings and they can be >20MB. We try to load those last in the project because of the performance hit.
  10. Did you try to edit anything? Pan, Zoom, Select works real time. Move, Extend or Delete a wall takes >45 seconds on both my laptop and my desktop.
  11. Nothing in the plan but walls and a few doors. After more work, it seems there is something going on with the amount of enclosed space. If I disconnect the walls in the upper right corner, performance returns to normal. I can move - extend - delete walls with no slowdown. If I reconnect the corner, just that effort to connect puts the blue wheelie into a tail spin.and takes almost a minute. Any other edit is affected the same. No impact on navigation - zoom or pan. This is repeatable on my desktop and laptop.
  12. I deleted the PNG and saved to a different name. Closed Chief - restarted the computer - Loaded the newly created file - no improvement. clicking anything then delete takes >45 seconds. Close that file and then load a highly detailed file 10 times the size in that same session of Chief and all is well. The issue is specific to that file for me.
  13. Thanks for the input. 2ndPlan.png is 1053 x 1070 pixels - 771 kb. I wouldn't think that would do it. I need that to trace over. I've done this sort of thing many times in the past with no issues.
  14. All of a sudden this one plan has slowed to the point where any operation sets the blue wheelie going for 45+ seconds before I get my mouse back. No issue with any other (much larger) plans. Any thoughts? 1515Broadway.plan
  15. Thanks for your answer. I checked my Preferences and fixed it per your info. Not an issue any more. I re-read my original post just now and saw that I had not corrected the actual path from pasting in the original path. I have edited that post for the benefit of others going forward. All is good now with both my B: drive and chief. Thanks again for you help.
  16. I have been getting this error for quite a while now and I would really love to fix it. Always - when I close Chief I get this error message > Attempting to write the Master List file. Unable to write to the directory "B:\Documents\Chief Architect Premier x10 Data\". The file cannot be saved.< Clearly that location was created when I set up Chief at some point. The current path is actually "B:\Documents\Chief x10\". I have looked all through the registry and all of Chief's file paths and can't find anything that looks like the path in the error. Any thoughts on how to fix this?
  17. Thanks for that Mark. I had never used Plan Views before. It will do the trick. I just need to create some additional layer sets for the specific views. Just name them beginning with z_ and they go to the bottom of the Layer Set list. Interesting idea for the portable monitor at the dining room table. Beats juggling a laptop in the living room. I guess I am good for now. Thanks again.
  18. The trick to CC Chief is cast desktop. -> https://support.google.com/chromecast/answer/3228332?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en-GB I just tested this in a new location and it works perfectly. I keep a ChromeCast dongle & power supply in my laptop bag and set it up as needed with my phone. Takes about 3 minutes. I have a large screen TV in my office for client visits and design review.
  19. Thanks guys, In the context of renovation work... I am onsite or in a clients abode frequently when needing this feature. Don't have my multi screen desktop with me, or a lot of screen space on my laptop to keep the ALDO open all the time. ChromeCast does a great job throwing Chief to their big screen TV but... I was hoping for a macro or something I could execute with a button that would do this. I have created such in other CAD software using Python. Is this something that can be done through Ruby?
  20. I do renovation work frequently. As part of my process I load a PDF of the existing plan then trace over it. I would love to have a button on my main toolbar that would toggle that one layers visibility. It is a pain to click through the layer dialog many times a day for this. Any thoughts?
  21. Thanks Dermot - Rebooting did not help but calling tech support revealed that it was a video driver issue. I updated the nVidia driver to the most current and all is well again. This is on my SurfaceBook laptop.
  22. I have checked all the data folders and they appear correct. What is odd is that it is trying to write to the non-existant X8 folder. The material issue is not plan related. It happens as well when I start a new plan using the default profile that ships with Chief. 4 walls + 1 door -> Select door and try to change the exterior material color or any other material -> Library Materials function <> Plan Materials do not. If I try to edit the plan materials I can but then when I accept the change and close the dialog Chief freezes. There is no cursor in the drawing field and none of the toolbar buttons respond. I can close the program by clicking the X window button and it asks if I want to save. This is making me crazy. I've never seen such problems in Chief.
  23. Not sure if this is related but I get this error on my laptop. That directory does not exist and I cannot find a reference to it in any of the Preferences dialogs. What could be going on there?
  24. When I open an object [Exterior Door] -> click on Materials -> select item to change material [Exterior Color] -> click Select Material -> the Select Material browser opens with Library Materials active. When I click on Plan Materials, I cannot select any material in the plan. Use Default is highlighted but I cannot scroll the list with the arrow keys or any other way. The same with Material defaults. Library Materials works as expected but VERY slowly. I noticed this behavior when I was working on my laptop then checked for updates and now Chief is updated to ver No change in behavior... it is still failing.
  25. Many thanks guys, you delivered what I need for now. Robb