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Sounds like a graphics card or driver issue.  You might want to post what software version you are using and some of your critical computer specifications and someone may be able to help.  Also the error message may be helpful to us or tech support.

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1 hour ago, 3dhomedesign said:

I keep getting an error message and freezing up.  I can't pull objects from the library, open objects or go into any display modes....basically nothing.  I tried restarting (dozens of times!) but it keeps happening.  



I would suggest Editting the Title of this thread are not seeking a Draughtsman...then more people will be more likely to look at it, and respond.


As Chopsaw mentioned filling in your signature with the needed Details will help  but I'd suggest calling tech Support if you have SSA it sounds serious.


It's good to have your Forum Signature filled in, especially with the Software Version, and of course a real Name is nice too :) ..............
See mine below in Blue for how to do that.

If you don't see my Signature below then you have them turned off for the Forum, so you need to Toggle it on by going to the Upper RH Corner of this Forum Window ^^^^ and Clicking on your Username and making sure Signature is enabled (green) and then Add your Own Sig. too :

UserName> Account > Signatures



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