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  1. When I Build my floor frame in "Automatic Frame", I end up getting 2 sets of Floor Joists stacked on top of each other. I edit and remove on "ALL Floors" the floor framing, but it comes back when I try to reframe the floor system. Any clue as to how I can get Automatic Frame to build just (1) set of floor joists ??? Tim Dowds 919-302-5858 tim@peloquinconstruction.com
  2. How do I keep roof planes shingles but change only the returns to metal?
  3. I keep getting an error message and freezing up. I can't pull objects from the library, open objects or go into any display modes....basically nothing. I tried restarting (dozens of times!) but it keeps happening.
  4. I keep getting a message "A serious error (SEH). Please contact tech support... What is this??
  5. I'm looking for an architect or draftsman that can fill in while mine is out with health issues. I draw plan designs in Chief and he draws them into working constructions sets. I've been selling plans online (eplans, houseplans.com, etc.) for several years. Anyone interested, please contact me for the particulars. Thanks, Laura Dowds 3D Home Design & Construction, Inc. lauradowds@live.com