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Chief architect works great on my work computer and my home laptop. However, when I VPN from my home laptop to my work computer, Chief freezes on the start up screen. We work all of our chief files from a server at the office. I can access and work on anything else from the server, but chief always freezes up immediately. What can fix this? Faster internet upload/download speeds? Something else? THANKS in advance!

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I would contact Tech Support with this kind of Issue.....


Are you the only one accessing your particular plan? , that is the only thing I can think of , other that the VPN used? some are slow due to encryption I have read.

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VPN is just a tunnel [encrypted], it is no different from a normal network.


>However, when I VPN from my home laptop to my work computer, Chief freezes on the start up screen. 

>We work all of our chief files from a server at the office. 


And this means what exactly? Are you trying to use Remote Desktop to run Chief Architect?


If so .... did you do these ...




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