Changing Shape of polygons sent to layout

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VERY NICE VIDEO AND METHOD. Wonder if you ever tried blocking up the new floor over the existing areas, that way you save the existing ducts , electrical, gas lines, sewer and drain lines, and you give the framer lots of room for oversized floor beams and a space for new duct work. I have been doing this for 30 years now and the framers and other trades love it. It also saves the homeowner some money. I usually just set a 4x8 beam on top of the ceiling joists with solid blocking below, then set your floor joists on the 4x8. the 4x8 will cover the extra weight falling on the openings below, but for large openings you have the space to add the larger header if needed.

Thanks for the video


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Your welcome Perry.  I have always included as much 3d information as possible on my permit documents for the benefit of the Contractors and subs.  I've actually had one building official ask me to take it off because it confused her?!*  I know it is not to any kind of AIA standard but in this brave new digital world it is just another small step in the direction of clarity of intent and purpose.  I spend so much time making accurate 3d model's it is a shame not to show. Now we can also distinguish between existing and new!  Love it.

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