Is Automatic resizing of text and leader arrows possible


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I tried to set this up once and it failed, but maybe I was doing something wrong.


Is there a way to set up text callouts and their arrow leader lines to automatically resize existing text according to the drawing scale your using? I mean existing text, not new text and callouts which are easily done with annotation sets.


This would be useful if you've already drawn a plan at 1/4" scale but you realize it was overkill and 3/16" or even a 1/8" key plan would sufficiently convey the same information? Or if you had drawn a detail at 1" scale but you decide you need zoom in a bit, and go to 1-1/2" scale. Same for elevations, from 1/4" to 1/i8", or vise versa?


I'm pretty sure it can't be done with Rich Text.

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20 hours ago, DavidJPotter said:

If by "automatic" you mean the software does it for you by some presets,...the answer is 'NO". You want something done, you just do it using the tools at hand.



I figured it out.


Actually it is possible, but not with Rich Text. I've been using a similar idea to automatically resize my room name labels when switching between 1/8" key plans and 1/4" construction plans and 3/16" electrical plans, and Thermal Boundary Plans, etc......


You're details have to use Text, not Rich Text, set up individual annotation sets for each scale, a Layer Set for each scale, and a Text Style for each scale. In the Layer Set for each scale the text needs to be set for the Text Style of each detail scale. Once you resize your detail scale, change the Layer Set to the corresponding Layer Set, and then select all the leaders and change them to the "default" size of the newly selected Annotation Set. 


The only negative is that the width spacing of the text gets all messed up and you'll have to resize them manually. But if you have a detail completed and you need to change the scale for some odd reason, now you can, and all your text will update, then you select all the leader lines and update their size in one shot. Adjust text column widths, and your done.


I posted a crude video with no sound (I'm home and kids are asleep). I'll post a more detailed video from the office tomorrow.


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So here is the better video.


I still can't figure out how to get Rich Text to do it correctly, but it works with standard text. It would be great if the leader arrows automatically resized correctly, but it's not a big extra step to fix those as the video shows.


If anyone has any comments or suggestions to automate this further, please post up.



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Rich text does not follow text styles or default settings in your annotation sets, because this would override all of the size formatting in a rich text object in a plan.  Imagine if you had a long legal section on page 1 that had formatting of different sized text in various locations of the body of text, and you wanted to resize that according to the annotation set, default setting or text style, how would chief determine that?  Everything would just become one size.


I see a number of possible headaches with what you are trying to do, one which you mentioned which is the text box size adjusting or not adjusting correctly.  Good luck!

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