Attic Wall Alignment Problem


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Hey Guys, gals;


I am having some difficulties getting this outer second floor wall (below) and the attic wall above to align up properly here?

I am working in Chief X9, on this project, please see the photos below(attached), and if you would be so kind, give me your solutions 

to this problem? (i.e.) I went up into the attic floor level, as I saw no attic wall there to align with the second floor below either...?



Douglas Burgmann

Accurate Asbuilts & Design

Attic Wall Alignment Problem.JPG

Attic Wall Alignment Problem1.JPG

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The only roof section that I can think of interfering with the wall above in the attic

has to be the simple hip roof above it.

maybe if I go and delete that part of the roof and then rebuild it, the problem will resolve itself. What do you think?

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when you go up to the attic level you should be able to see the attic walls, maybe they are turned off?  you can always check the wall below to balloon through ceiling and it should go to the roof. Using that method means you will not see any attic walls though.

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