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I have an annoying 'bug' or fault, or equally something that I have done, which is triggering pocket doors to delete wall layers in 3D views. A simple plan is attached showing the error in a custom wall, but not showing in a shipped Chief wall. Any ideas before I have to rebuild the walls etc? This is an existing wall in a complex renovation plan and I would prefer to know 'why' its happening before I try to fix it myself.

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The exterior layer material Enduit Talouche comes up as missing on my machine which may just be because I don't have it BUT

replacing in the wall definition with even a simple color solves the problem

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Absolutely spot on. Thanks for your time, it's a complete fix, just didn't realise that tiny detail was the culprit. For anybody else following or reading this, it's a tiny detail with a devil to find resolution. Custom wall exterior layers must not be framing type, or your pocket doors won't work.

Best wishes


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    • By AKnightClark
      Thankful for the experienced users who might be willing to look at this file and troubleshoot for me. I have an exterior wall that is visible in all plan views and 3D perspectives, but not in any framing views. When selected, in working plan view for example, the wall dialog indicates that it is, indeed present and a 6" continuous insulated wall. I deleted and rebuilt the framing. I tried using auto rebuild and turning it off; still no framing appears. I've spent hours playing with it, and am at a loss. It is very likely user error, but I can't find it to save my life.
      With gratitude for the time taken from your busy schedules!
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      Hello all,
      I'm using the schedules in chief to get RFQs from our suppliers and so far it has worked great, I'm able to go in and manipulate the information displayed to show our supplier exactly what he needs to see to give us an accurate quote... When it comes to ordering our doors though, I've hit a little snag. We order our exterior doors with the framing lumber and the interior doors later... except pocket doors. We let to get the pocket door casing with with our framing materials.
      So here is my problem, chief is drawing the pocket doors with a "swing direction" and it is assigning identical doors different numbers in the schedule, I'm afraid that this might cause unnecessary confusion to our supplier. (Pocket doors are reversible, and shouldn't necessarily have a direction assigned to them.) I want to know if there is a way to remove the 'L' or 'R' direction from the automatically generated size?
      Here is an example (see attached screen shot), in the home we are building we have 6 identical pocket doors, but on the schedule four are assigned the number 'D02' and the size '2868 L', and two are assigned the number 'D03' and the size'2868 R'. They are all the exact same door, right? I'd like them to all have the same assigned number and size regardless of which wall it slides into, just to avoid confusion down the line.
      A pretty trivial issue, but I'd like to find a solution. Any thoughts? Anything obvious I'm missing here?