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Yes I recently had that happen with roof purlins but fortunately the purlins were taken off the design before I had to show the drawings to anyone.   I was thinking it would be a lot of work to make a cad detail from view and fix all of that.  Did not send it in as chief does not support roof purlins yet, but if it is happening to trusses then maybe they can fix it all so it is not an embarrassing mess.

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    • By Travis-Garcia
      I cannot seem to figure out how to make this exposed gable have the same shiplap siding on it that the house has. I built the patio piece by piece using framing members and added roof planes and ceiling planes then added the gable. Now II cannot figure out how to add siding. 
      I'm using Home Designer Pro 2021

    • By KingsOwn
      I just accidentally broke a cross cad box into polyline & cad lines by hitting a set of key strokes that I can't repeat as I don't know what they were.
      Does anyone know what the key strokes are to do this?
      Would be handy when putting a detail break line through a cad box.
    • By Doug-ib
      First post here, this is my first attempt at roof truss. As you will see in the PDF attached the gables that are on the front of the duplex are being supported by the truss that are running in the vertical direction. I am wondering if this is normal as i cannot seem to create truss for the gables on the font of the home. If there is a more effective means of building roof truss for roofs of this style id love to hear them.
      truss question.pdf front view.pdf
    • By OnlineBuilder2
      Can anyone tell me why my roof trusses are not showing when I draw them in on this plan? I've watched every video and cannot work them out. The closest I came was getting trusses with vertical studs/gable end style. 
      Uploaded them to online docs due to size:
      Also, I am trying to show 22mm battens on top of the truss, and attached to the ceiling for the wall plasterboard to attached to (Australian style). Does anyone know how to set this up? see attached 
      Using x12. 

    • By rblack135
      I'm using Home Designer Pro and trying to overlay perpendicular roofs but cannot find the truss base tool. I assume the program does not feature this tool and I'm required to try and create overlay with poly's. Is there another way and if not, what version of CA would I need to purchase to access more advanced roof tools (I am manually setting roof trusses).