Intersecting Walls Leave Gaps In Elevation View

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Everything looks good in plan view.  When I do a front  exterior elevation, the siding is missing from where interior walls intersect the exterior walls.


The same thing used to happen in V9 and V10, but I was hoping it would have been magically fixed by now.  So, lacking the magic Fix Chief Wand, how can I correct this issue?






Mt. View Plan File.plan

Front Elev Troubleshoot.jpg

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 When I suggest a workaround, I am often attacked for that suggestion, never the less, this is easily repaired using the "Edit Layout" line tool after sending a view to layout and wall poly-lines can be edited before sending to layout as well. I have seen this but not often and I usually just repair the walls so they properly close. without your plan to look at, I can only generalize. I do not expect Chief Architect to achieve any kind of Nirvana any time soon, so I just work with it the way it is.



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