Insulated Slab on Stem Wall


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Good morning! 


Wondering if anyone has accomplished this detail in Chief and if so, how? Specifically wondering how to step the ledge on a foundation wall 7" to allow space of a 4" slab and 3" XPS.

Any good videos out there?



Thanks for your time!





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Seek out the one they call Scott Hall...

Youtube + search slab or foundation etc. 

Unfortunately you’ll find that you can’t control that level of detail with Chief. 

Just use auto detail and manipulate the fills to represent what you need. 

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Info from some previous threads.You can add layers to the floor structure and create custom wall types.

Done quickly using a pony wall for the stem wall, hang floor inside foundation wall.


Floor structure 4" concrete and 8" concrete.





  On 10/24/2017 at 11:43 AM, Kbird1 said:

**edit ...the ponywall does work ( set both heights to -8) but the Slab doesn't auto fill the floor to the 4" block but you can always use a custom slab to do that


Not sure what I did differently.



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