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There are several choices of layout template examples preloaded with Chief Architect that you can customize.  File > New Layout From Template.  Also plenty of sample plans you can download with example layouts: https://www.chiefarchitect.com/products/samples.html


The true value of a personalized layout template is knowing how it was built and depending on the level of complexity required it is likely best to learn how to make your own.  That being said if you have a specific request someone may be willing to work with you to help you out with fast tracking your goals.

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everyone usually creates their own, I have never seen one that I want to use, you can start with one chief provides and modify. I have seen some very nice layout templates ( Joe Carrick) with many macro's that generate automatically,

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      This helps support my everlasting drive for giving free Chief content. Shoot me an email if you're interested. I promise you it will save you money and will be a pleasant improvement to any workflow. Check out a brief overview here:
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      I am setting up a new computer and have downloaded Chief X12. What is the best way to transfer all my data, libraries and templates? Also how to I load all the bonus content, can it be transferred or do I have to download each library again from Chief website? FYI when I installed Chief it didn't create an X12 data folder so I copied it from my old computer. I also have the downloaded libraries in my download folder so I could copy them and open them one at a time I suppose. I just don't want to have a zillion duplicate files and textures like I have had in the past when migrating upgrades. Thanks  
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      Hi there!  I have been searching for a bit, and attempted a few things to no avail.  Anyone have a step by step tutorial (or is it just not possible?) on how to at the very least import an existing title block from Revit or CAD to Chief?  I am far from proficient in Chief at this point and wondering if it's possible.   We want to make sure the title block matches our Revit sheets exactly...in case we have to draw something in one program vs. another in the same CD set.
      I tried exporting to .dwf from Revit and importing into the layout page, however it doesn't allow me to import that file type into the main layout page.
      Also, am I blind? I can't figure out where to put my signature...so I just typed info below.
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      New to CA, scope of work is typically kitchens, but steadily growing and starting to offer more services then just cabinetry.  Many years of 2020 experience so I am looking to see how others are putting together layouts for their clients/installers and utilize the layout/template tools since I'm not fully aware of what can be done with the program. Currently am printing on 11x17 but am definitely open to going to 18x24. Please feel free to showcase anything and everything will be helpful I'm always looking for new ways to make things easier.  TIA!