Improper Plant Order / Clipping from Camera


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I have a project where I have some plants displaying improperly. Plants that are physically behind another plant are showing in front of it.


The plants that are having the problem are all elevated off the "terrain" and in planter boxes. Originally I had them located in a different floor, then moved them to the layer with all the other plants and the clipping issue went away. Then a few days later I opened the project back up and the problem was back.


I had the plants listed in a separate layer origionally as well. I switched them back to the basic "plant" layer and I am still getting the problem.


Has anyone else encountered this? Any tips for fixing it? I have a presentation to give soon on this project and I am severely limited in the camera angles I can show because of this problem.


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Yes I believe there are issues with plants and layering that have been posted in the past and may not be resolved yet.

Definitely something that should be sent in to tech support with the plan file and a good clean description of the issue.

One general trick that may help is to CTRL + X and then CTRL + ALT + V just to see if a reinsertion may help.


I think the last issue I saw posted was plants and people not layering properly which would be even more obvious.

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Weird part of this bug I discovered yesterday that helped me with my presentation drawings...

When the clipping occurs, you can try to cut and paste the offending plants to fix the problem. If that does not work, you can open a new "camera" and try the same angle you were working on before. The new camera might fix the problem, and if you keep the old camera in the identical spot, one will work and one will not.


This leads me to believe that the problem is with the camera somehow and not a feature of the plant. I also noticed that the only time I am getting these problems are when the plants are raised or lowered above the terrain elevation.



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I wonder if maybe having more than one camera in the scene may be an issue.  The plants do not know which camera they are smiling for as they have to rotate towards it, and I have noticed that some plants do not rotate about their point of origin very well.

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