Angling wall in elevation?


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Is there a way to "break" this wall on the vertical and make this closed angled bracket? I was going to use a P-solid with the siding material, but thought there was or might be a way to do it with just using the wall. I was thinking at one point I could do what I'm asking with an earlier version.5ade344c82457_endwall.thumb.JPG.a3b8736052fca15572d19c101b0a5263.JPG   Thanks in advance for your time and advice.

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Yes, can be done.

The trick is to select the wall near the bottom so that you can see the middle edit handle on the bottom of the wall.

You can then break and shape the wall from the bottom - I am pretty sure that you can't do this by breaking the top of the wall...but, maybe...... 

It is then a bit tricky to get the corner to show up without any through wall lines.

This wall is a single layered wall.

You will see any wall layers on the end of the wall triangle if you use a multi-layered wall - so that may need a cover plate of some sort.

But basically, you can break a wall to that shape.

New Image_82.jpg

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