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    • By Kbird1
      Just another warning for those who have NOT backed up their User Libraries at all, or recently, as I have seen numerous reports of this , and it finally happened to me....   PSA : backup you User Library Folder Now !  found here :
      C:\Documents\Chief Architect Premier X13 Data\Database Libraries
      you can copy and paste the file back into the folder then change the extension to .bac to do this simply.
        but would suggest a more proactive automatic solution long term like SyncBackFree.   V. is the latest as of posting... https://www.2brightsparks.com/syncback/sbfree-new.html   No Error message, no nothing.... I went to put in some Rollout shelves into a cabinet  and my User Library was empty !   I checked the Database Libraries Folder and sure enough my User Library file is 81kb .... thankfully I had a Macrium backup from 2 days ago and a Syncback one from 3 days ago or I would be really pissed off, years of making and collecting gone.   Mick
    • By Designers_Edge
      I have changed nothing in any of my settings since I worked on this plan this morning.  Now, when I go to my user library and the lighting I have saved there.  I have red outlines on the majority of them and I have no idea why.  Has anyone experience this?

    • By Ange822
      Good morning,
      I am helping a college who is having issues exporting a Chief File into a CAD . dwg file.
      The issue is, she had imported a .jpeg of a clients survey to draw over to create a site plan.
      Now trying to export the file to CAD, it will not export the .jpeg with it (that we sized / rotated into place).
      The other option would be just to import the .jpeg into CAD and re-size / rotate to fit, but wasn't sure if their was an easier way.
      See the files attached.
      thanks in advance for the help!

      McMillan -custom-VER.4- SITE - 08.17.21 ENTIRE LOT.plan McMillan -custom-VER.4- SITE - 08.17.21 ENTIRE LOT.dwg
    • By Alex_Reschka
      I am looking to maximize the SSD (C:) I believe having the actual CA program on the C: drive will work faster so that is ok, but I would like to know what folders I could move to the D: drive.
      In the photo attached I have folders in the E: drive which I am going to move to D: as well. 
      Any suggestions?

    • By YoderW
      Hey all,
      Is there a way to control what Chief names each material as it's importing a model as a collada (.dae) file?
      At my company, we use Chief to build the base model and then export as a collada file to import into Lumion to render. Lumion's latest version has the ability to automatically replace materials with "glass" or "water" in the name with those kinds of materials when importing, but for some reason Chief will randomly assign names to materials during the collada export process like "mat127-material," regardless of what they are named in the material settings. Other export processes will keep the material names, but those have their own problems in Lumion. The 3DS format, for example, is the best alternative, but it changes the scale of the model. 
      I can't seem to find anywhere in the preferences to mess with export settings, though. It's nothing that totally breaks our workflow, as it only takes a couple seconds to replace the material, but it would be a nice little quality-of-life feature we could take advantage of if we could get Chief to cooperate.