Terrain symbol "icon" next to crosshairs


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I have researched and studied everywhere on why these "icons" appear next to my crosshairs.

I am using X10 and didn't notice these before on all previous versions.

Can someone please direct me to the proper setting to eliminate these? I know how to turn off the behavior indicators but don't want to just hide them.

Would like to know why they are there; any help would be appreciated.

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That icon means that you need to build the terrain.

Easiest thing is to toggle on Auto Rebuild Terrain in 3D View Defaults.


In general, those icons are telling you that you need to do something, or they are a warning like the Angle Snaps one that is reminding you that Angle Snaps is toggled off. 


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It is telling you that you need to rebuild walls/floors/ceilings.

You can do it manually each time it is required, or you can toggle on

Auto Rebuild Floors/Walls/Ceilings.

That should also normally be left toggled on (in the same dbx).

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