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Per usual, I am having trouble getting things to work with manual roofs. Trying to accomplish something like the attached picture and can't quite make it happen. Is there a way to trim rafter tails, like you can with trusses using a truss base?  Wondering what you recommend for this kind of overlay.  I have attached a quick detail to help portray what I am going for.


Thanks in advance for the help,






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Others know far more about framing than I, but I had this model open so I gave it a try.


There is no ceiling on my porch, and the front wall of the house is brick.


I don't think Chief will generate the flat 2x laying on the main rafters, but this looks close.


What specifically are you having trouble with?



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Thanks for the response Eric, I guess what I am really having a hard time with is the gable end of the porch roof and how to get it to fill in completely (see attached photo).




I will have to manually manipulate the rafters after I get them as close as I can with Auto-roofs, which is a pain, but it is what it is. 

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