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I don't think it can be done but, is there anyway to have a watermark that has two lines of text?  This should probably be in the suggestion forum.  I like that chief has this watermark feature but, it just seems so limiting.  My PDF editor just allows me so much more flexibility, when it comes to adding watermarks and even multiple watermarks.  I wish I could easily add a watermark inside Chief Architect that says...


Not for Plans or Permits

For Review Only


Seems simple enough.

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2 minutes ago, glennw said:



While you are waiting, you can use the Image option in the Watermark defaults.

Draw some multiline text, do a screen capture of the text and use that as your watermark. 

New Image_42.jpg


Same thing I have suggested to users as well.  Only thing I would do differently is skip the screen capture step.  Instead, just export picture directly from Chief with a transparent background...


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By the way, this can also be done in Chief without using the watermark feature at all, and in such a way that gives you far more control and flexibility but it requires converting your text to polylines which is most effectively done in another app (one of the only things I use Sketchup for anymore)...


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