Need help with roof! Newbie here


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Y'all, I need help with this roof please!  My degree is in Interior Design (way back before we had CAD programs) and my hubby is a Contractor.  We just moved to TN and are going to build cabins.  I am NEW to Chief Architect, have watched the training videos and am stumbling my way through this program.  


Here is what I need...


The entire roof plane over the middle section of the house to be a full gable, 9/12 pitch and then the sides on each wing to come in at a 5/12 pitch.  


I can't figure out how to do this without messing up the entire roof.  


We need to get a truss quote soon and I have to get this fixed!


Any help is greatly appreciated -- see pics below





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Have you set the Wall's Roof Directive to 5/12 on each side of the "Wings" ? 


The problem is here on the Pro Forum we don't know what your Version of the Software can do, though a simple Roof like this should need no Manual roof planes.


So set the Main Building Roof Pitch at 9" and then enter each wall of the "Wings" Roof angle at 5", in their Wall DBX and set "Same Height Eaves" (S.H.E>) if that is what you want ( will cause different Overhang sizes).





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