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I have a couple of retaining walls in my terrain that if I create them the way I want and turn off the terrain following feature radio button the wall plays havoc with my terrain.  I don't want the top of the wall to follow the terrain, I want the top to level masonry with a cap.  The way I accomplished this was to turn the wall into a railing and turned the top rail into a 2 inch thick slab an inch wider around than the 10 inch stone wall.  If I make it terrain following this goes away and I get crazy terrain on both sides of the wall.  Thought I had a solution by placing a .25 inch thick invisible terrain following wall on the terrain side of my retaining wall but I'm still not getting the result I want.  Any Ideas?

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I never use a terrain retaining wall - they are too hard to control - especially when used with settings like follow terrain, and especially if I want a level top retaining wall.

A terrain retaining wall is just a wall with a terrain break incorporated into it.

I have much more success using a Terrain Break and then using a separate wall or railing.

You can then control the wall and the terrain separately with a lot more control.


All I did here was delete your invisible wall and then drew a Terrain Break down the centre of the retaining wall. 

Oh, and I also pulled the end of the wall a little past the -76" elevation data to clean up the end of the wall/terrain junction.


This one is with just your invisible wall deleted:



And this one has your invisible wall deleted and a Terrain Break drawn down the centre of the wall.

New Image_18.jpg            5a91f595d9583_NewImage_22.thumb.jpg.96a2eaab1b9910045a9ba81d9e393cce.jpg

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