Need tweaks / additions to remodel in Home Designer Suite 2018

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I have  Home Designer Suite 2018 and looking for someone to make some tweaks to the front structure in Home Designer Pro 2018 and send back files in (unlocked) so I can continue to edit in Home Designer Suite 2018.  (apparently, if you do any design edits in X9, it locks it and I will not be able to continue editing in my software version).

The attached picture  is the basic  idea of what I want (thanks JoAnn) - with the full gable roof over a smaller gable roof that covers the bay window area . And then  a Gable roof over the door / window area. (This should extend out 6’).      Note- there is a sheer wall that extends 4’ on the front wall (window /door front), so window must be place 4’ from driveway side. (Gable Roof to be 4” and 12”) (maybe a shed roof to extend the remainder area to driveway may help offset the porch?  (likely - Door 36" x 96", Window 6'x6')

Note: the exterior wall on the living room/kitchen side of house are 10’ walls and ceilings will be  10’ in the living room, dining, kitchen.  The exterior wall on the office/master bed room/master bath wall is 8’ tall, so 8’ ceilings on that side of the house. (This was one of the problems I had building the Gable Walls at 4 and 12)

I have been receiving some amazing help in the user group for my software, but still running into issues I cannot correct in my software version. Let me know your estimates of cost. 

Thank you


Home Designer Suite 2018 design.zip

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Chief X9 can make the edits and send back the plan unlocked


If you really need an HD PRO user to help then you should post your request on the Hometalk forum

as there are very few HD PRO users that follow this forum



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A slightly different look for you , I thought it looked better at 6/12 , and the Porch Roof I think maybe an Issue with two opposite slopes coming together so here we have Nested Gables instead. Wasn't sure if you wanted Stucco since you had siding or that was Joanne's Idea?


Your Monolithic Foundation is messing up the Terrain as the Site Slopes to the rear by 3-4 ft ? so you need to build it as a standard foundation and then everything smooths out nicely and my Porch floor popped out of the ground at the Front door.




11.thumb.PNG.24debf264f06b85b361ded019d7435f6.PNG    VS       JamesSymhouseidea5.thumb.JPG.7b319114a33a3b72c8e551db2f997f5a.JPG

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