Beach front apartment kitchen and living room


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Hi all,


Here is a recent kitchen design for a beach front apartment.

Original kitchen design is by an external kitchen company and I modelled the kitchen using CA Premier X9.  

I also did the rendering and styling of the kitchen and living room.


I look forward to feedback from members


PS. I tried uploading these images as an album in Members Gallery but for unknown reasons there appears to be an issue with the upload.



Eric (Cabinet Story)

A1 CA.png

A2 CA.png

A3 CA.png

A4 CA.png

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Thanks Larry and Javatom for your feedback.


The apartment ceiling is not that tall.  It's only 2.6 metres high and the client wanted storage all the way up to the ceiling.

Yes, I will take note of the counter space around the range in future designs.


I'm very happy to know you like the renders.  It is something I have been practising for a long time.  It is great to know experts like you in this design industry think I got the renders done nicely.




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