Convert a multi part CA file into a symbol

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ltr.tifltr.tifI am designing a Series of small 2 & 3 bedroom homes for HH or some group building these homes for the working class.  These are based on fishing shacks which are scatted along the New England coast; but updated to be Code compliant and ideal for a couple, small family or a single parent as they vary from 900 - 1350 sq ft.. I decided it would be nice to have lobster traps to be used in renderings.  I have started them and attempted to import into a design.  I can select the pieces with select all; but the group icon does not appear. 

I am using X8  And any help will be appreciated.  the LT is not complete and the rendering an over view


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If you made 3D objects and want to make them into a symbol use Tool>Symbol>Convert to Symbol  and choose Fixture exterior (I think should work fine). You can't have anything else in the Plan when you make a symbol otherwise it will become part of the symbol too.


for more in-depth info check out this Tutorial in the Knowledge Base...a good place to start if you have questions...


If you want to try the Sketchup import there is a tutorial for that just need to get a symbol for Sk.Up 2016 ( or earlier )  so X8 can import it


Sketchup File How To Import Tutorial




I had a quick look at the one Dennis linked you too and imported it into X7 and removed the rope and buoy so there are two different Traps in this X7 Library for you to try....


Lobster Traps_MHD.calibz



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ill1 1.tifI would like to thank all of you for the information you provided.  I now know several ways to do things.  I have been using CAD for close to 50 years but have never had the time to learn about computers.  I have also found that once in your 80's is not a good time to start.  I use Dell to take care of the computer and all I need to do is worry about the software.

Thank you all again.   Oh, I am dyslexic and have problems explaining computer problems, using a different language that I don't understand is a problem. 

Attached is a rendering of the house with Lobster Traps to be repaired next to it.  Ginetta has nothing to do with homes, the picture of one has been added.  1965 Ginetta G.4, size isn't every thing.  A lot of bigger, more powerful cars see this view.

ill1 1.tif


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