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Cantilevers interferring with flat soffits

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Hi there,


I've encountered this problem a few times and I'm not sure exactly what is causing it. When I put cantilevers in, the soffit extends from the edge of the overhang, to the cantilever wall, then slopes back towards the building following the roof pitch. I want the soffit to ignore the cantilever and extend back to the wall without angling. The attached picture shows the problem.


I assume there's a checkbox I'm missing. I've attached the plan, the problem area being on the right side of the house behind the garage. Any help is much appreciated, thank you!



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The one thing I noticed when selecting that roof plane,  there is a check mark in the Flush Eave, and the default to overhang box is greyed out (although there is a visible check mark) but on the opposing eve (pan south) roof plane over the MB/BATH Flush eve is not checked and default to overhand is.  The only way I could change it was to open the roof plane at the Kitchen, in-check boxed eve then turn it back on and select boxed eve with default to overhang.  I thought it fixed it, but when I pulled a section the soffit still follows the roof slope :-( I guess since I'm not a CA guru, I'll have to default to one who is.  I did try though!

Catilever soffit.PNG

Catilever with flat soffit.PNG

Boxed Eve Turned off.PNG


Boxed eve turned back on.PNG

Boxed eve turned back on.PNG

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Yeah, I noticed that too and was playing around with it. Making all the roof planes flush eaves or not didn't fix the problem. 


Thanks for the attempt!


I think the problem lies somewhere in the cantilevers and how they're interacting with the roof. If I delete the cantilevers and put the roof on, I don't see the sloping behavior. Adding the cantilevers back brings the problem back.

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I've found soffits rather buggy. Give this a try and see if it works for you.


I made the depth 48", I'll leave it up to you to figure the correct depth.


This is the right side garage wall.



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I think because you have been playing with Manual roof planes and have Auto Rebuild off , you need to Force some areas to rebuild in areas you have made changes too, like at the bumpouts on the garage and kitchen and as Eric mentioned , unchecking the default overhang setting ( and uncheck flush eave) and set it to your default overhang distance of 24" and they should rebuild without messing up the Manual Roof planes...  seems to work for me.  Also on the garage bumpout you need to reset the Default wall height and uncheck stop at ceiling boxes on those 3 walls to eliminate the holes.  I didn't go around the whole house, but hopefully that's get most of them....






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