How do you change the shade of grass

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With version 10 a CD of plants were available and the options for grass were much better than they are now.  would it be possible for CA to bring them back?

Is it possible to change the shade of green while keeping the texture?  CA has possibly the best rendering software I have ever used.  I had a rendered view on my computer at a show and was asked where the house was located?  They were surprised to find it was only on my computer.  I told them to look at the grass and pointed to 2 plants that had a white outline.  The plants have been changed but I'd like to change the grass for something better. 

I'm using X8 as I'm working on designs which will be free.  I've done a couple for Habitat and am working on a few 2 and 3 bedrooms with 1 or 2 baths.  The size is small at 850 to 1250 sq ft.
 I'd really appreciate it if I could get a better grass to use.

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You can always download a texture and reassign the default grass to take on the properties of the image import. As a long term Chief user, I keep a separate folder which is filled with a variety of textures that the program may not readily provide. Save the new jpg or bmp in your new folder, open up the plan file with a 3d overview, and click on the grass with the rainbow tool.


That's where you can change the texture file by navigating to the new folder. Here are tons of samples...Just click and "save image as".


Alternatively, as far as changing the existing grass color... you can use the same "rainbow" icon to click on the texture, and change the color to a darker or richer green if you don't like the shade.

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Forgot I had this library from the Design Diva that has 1 grass material in it , it is from 2015 so should work with X8 i think.....


Also there are some textures mentioned in a thread here : 



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