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9 hours ago, Keith_A said:

Am I missing something or is it not possible to modify frameless cabinets in the latest version of X9 with 5/8" Sides? 

Frameless has been like that since it was added to Chief. You can use framed with 5/8 separation and full overlay. There will still be a ghost line on cabinet sides at 3/4 that should not be there. 

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49 minutes ago, Keith_A said:

Oh Man - This would be nice to see in X10

Using framed is not really a problem I have a template set for it. Actually has a lot of advantages over using the frameless designation once you need to mess with configurations much. The only time the ghost line is an issue is if you need open cabinet or getting CAD detail but CAD detail just makes for some extra lines.


If you really really need it ...attached has 2 hacked cabinets and one made from a framed cabinets. For the hacked cabinets the sides are custom doors inserted into the back of the cabinet. (the only problem with doing that is if you use schedules it will automatically read as finished back)


NOTE -The "door" I used is included in the plan. The toe kick is not correct on this one. I just grabbed a symbol I had set for use on inset cabinets for another reason and adjusted it a little.

In any case if this is important for the few situations where it shows open up the cabinets and door symbol to get an idea of the settings. Then make some doors up to suit your need, and keep that and a few cabinets in the library.

screen 002.png

625 side base.plan

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Gotta ask.  Why would you want to model 5/8 frameless?




19mm or 3/4" is pretty much everyone's standard, and the 1/8" isn't seen in plans or elevations, or noted in schedules.


Why the need for this precision in the 3D model?  Are you using 23/32" floor sheathing?

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There's a number of cabinet brands that use 16mm (5/8-I have one PIA). It only matters if you need to send in correct openings in a cad detail. For 3D it helps getting proper face heights using the specs the companies send and I sort of specialize in crazy clients.

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