Under cabinet lights disappear

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I get a light set so I'm happy with it. Copy and paste-sometimes it will be there in 3d and ray trace, sometimes no light in ray trace (too many lights for  it to show in standard) I've had them go away when I just centered them to a cabinet?

It seems that they attach to the ceiling? or somewhere else? Sometimes offset from ceiling works, sometimes not, sometimes transform replicate works...

How do I get these to stay put?


Screenshots- Placed an extra in there for the ray trace out over the counter- that one shows, one under wall cabinet doesn't.

screen 011.png

screen 010.png

screen 009.png

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I have a puck saved to my library with the symbol option set to be offset from the floor instead of the ceiling. This has resolved for me the issue of the lights not recognizing the cabinet and jumping to the ceiling.

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