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I am trying to import a floor plan in the file format .dwg into Chief Architect that was   designed in Sketchup

Please note: which options should be toggled on/off for the best results overall general projects (or both). 

Or could someone explain these "Fields" in user friendly terms.



Convert lines with shared endpoints into:

  • Boxes 
  • Polylines 


How would you like to handle CAD blocks that are not referenced in the drawing:

  • Import All CAD Blocks 
  • Only Import CAD Blocks that are referenced in the drawing 


  • Import Hatch Entitities (?)


Map all drawing file layers to:

  • A Single Layer in Chief Architect - CAD, Default
  • Chief Architect Layers by Name


Go to Advanced Layer Mapping panel (?)


What unit of measurement was used to create the imported drawing 

  • in


Import dimension lines as:






Thank You!




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My preferences are:


1. Polylines, not boxes.

2. Only referenced blocks, and no hatch entities (Chief doesn't always handle hatch entities well).

3. Map to CAD, Default. But this depends greatly on what you're trying to achieve, and how you prefer to work. Only select layers for import that you're sure you will need.

4. The unit of measurement depends on the units the dwg was created/exported in. If you don't know, then you'll have to experiment.

4. Import as Dimensions.


You're best bet is to play around to learn and understand the power of each option. There's no single answer for all import situations.

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