Kitchen Cabinets/Dropped Celing/Backsplash/Valance above sink....

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I need to know how to get my custom kitchen looking better here.

Any ideas on getting the ceilings lowered with a dropped ceiling of 11.5"/Valance over the sink/left

side backsplash to show/matching tile/size of the backsplash tile...?


If you think that you would need the file, then send me a text,

and we can discuss this?



Accurate Asbuilts & Design

(970)987-4476 cell

Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com


Interior Kitchen Valance Shot.jpg

Interior Kitchen Valance Shot-1A.jpg

Interior Kitchen Valance Shot-1B.jpg

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I would use a soffit to lower ceiling over cabinet....it's found in cabinet child menu. To get tile on left wall just apply wall material region in section view or elevation view.

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Drop the whole ceiling.  We live in a poorly designed tract-built place in which the entire main floor, every room no matter the size, has a 10' ceiling height.


Good design uses variation in ceiling height.  Only the largest rooms should have the high ceilings, in keeping with the scale.


Powder rooms go to 7'.  All hallways drop to 8', sometimes 7'.  I don't confine myself to 12-inch increments.


Our kitchen in this tract house has its 10' ceiling, and 36" wall cabinets, accented over the range microhood, the fridge box, and the wall oven stack with another 6" of height.  Upper shelves in these cabs need a two-step stool to access the space.  Not a good design, and silly storage.  


Try dropping the whole thing to 9', even 8', or 8'6".





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You'll want a filler at the end where the door sits adjacent, to space the drawers away from the door casing.



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