X9 slow from floor plan to overview and backclipped section


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Need Help  Chief V9 Working on a new plan only 2828KB at this time (garage add to an existing Manufactured home)

When I change from the floor plan to the Overview or back clipped section view it take longer as I work more on the plan

it will take minutes to change and eventually locks up. I did not have this issue with Chief V8


HP Envy intel I7-4770 @3.40 GHZ

64 bit windows 10

32 GB ram

GeForce GT640/PCI

Open GL shows 3.3.0 with 4095 GB video memory

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It appears to be not properly changing views

I have floor plan open, cross section open full overview and elevation cross section


When I go to the window button and hit floor plan it may come up with the section or one of the other views open

It seems to go where it wants ??????


I updated the mouse driver Logitech m215


Any thoughts  Thanks

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I tried both of your plans, got no error messages and found both plans to be rather ordinary in performance in X9. I can only assume that the problem lies in your own PC hardware and or software other than Chief. Probably not what you wanted to hear but all I can report is what happened or failed to happen. 



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